What is WrapTag Point?

How to use WrapTag?
01 Point =
  • A Major Part Of WrapTag System

    WrapTag Point is needed in the transfer process of NFT Certificate.

  • Pay Blockchain Gas Fee

    User will use WrapTag Point to pay for Blockchain Gas Fee to send an NFT Certificate from one address to another, or to remove an NFT Certificate.

  • Cheap & Easy

    Every transfer only costs as low 01 point. User can purchase WrapTag Point easily with Credit Card.


How To Purchase WrapTag Point

Simply Purchase With Credit Card
  • On the home screen, tap the profile icon
  • At the WrapTag Point section, tap ‘Buy’
  • Choose an amount, tap ‘Buy’
  • Tap ‘Check out’
  • Tap ‘Add card’
  • Fill in your card info, tap ‘Next’
  • A popup will confirm your card, tap Next
  • Tap ‘Confirm’
  • Your purchased WrapTag Point will appear.
How to use Wraptag Point (1)

How To Use WrapTag Point

Just Hold It In Your Account
  • You only need to hold WrapTag Point in your account.
  • Every time you make a transfer or remove an NFT Certificate, WrapTag will automatically deduct your points.

Ready Now?

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