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WrapTag API

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  • Transparent

    Our API is pubilc and accessible on our Github with a clear documentation.

  • Verifiable

    WrapTag Smart Contract is verified on TomoChain with readable features.

WrapTag API

Inspect WrapTag Public API
  • /users: get user list
  • /users/{userAddress}: get user profile
  • /items: get item list
  • /items/{itemAddress}/{itemId}: get item info

Get WrapTag API

Anyone can access WrapTag API

WrapTag API enables advanced users to dive deeply into WrapTag system. It also lets anyone get data from WrapTag for affiliate purposes.

Access WrapTag API on Github

Verified Smart Contract

Irreversible On Blockchain

Verified Smart Contract

Public Smart Contract Source Code

WrapTag Smart Contract is public on TomoChain. By using TomoScan, you can verify evey single feature of the Smart Contract in detail.

Verified On Blockchain