What is WrapTag?

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WrapTag brings trust, value, and transparency into authentic collections with irreversible ownership history exists on

Unique NFT Certificate

Each WrapTag NFT Certificate is unique and traceable as the transaction history stays permanently on Blockchain along with the address of the creator, which cannot be counterfeited.

Physical NFC Tag

NFC WrapTag is a physical lock-up NFC Tag contains WrapTag NFT Certificate. Each one comes with an encrypted serial number that recorded on an internal server of WrapTag Inc.

Decentralized Web App

WrapTag app is a decentralized web-based application that allows users to scan NFC WrapTag to inspect the contained NFT Certificate. On the other hand, it lets collector create and insert NFT Certificate to a blank NFC WrapTag.

Why WrapTag?

The First Pioneer In The Industry

Protect Your Brand

The physical NFC WrapTag is impossible to replicate thanks to the protection of NFT Certificate and highly encrypted serial number.

Increase Product Value

WrapTag ensures each unit of your merchandise is unique and authentic, as every single NFC WrapTag is unique and verified by Blockchain.

Join The Future

NFT is the key to the future thanks to its genuine and irreplicable essence. It brings great solutions to branding activities. Let’s create those first ones!

About NFC WrapTag

Enhance Value Of Merchandise
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Proof Of Ownership

NFC WrapTag is simply a Proof of Ownership that cannot be used to recognizes fake items.

However, NFC WrapTag is designed to encounter replication with a tight connection to NFT Certificate.

Hence, legitimate collector and authentic manufacture can embed the throughout history of an item into WrapTag, especially the address of creator, which is the best clue for authenticity.

Intellectual Property Patent

J.P.PAT 6710401



Types Of WrapTag

03 Different Variations
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Lock-up Tag

Lock-up Tag is the first type of NFC WrapTag. It includes two rounded plastic sides that contain NFC chips, and a single strap. Once locked, all the parts will hold tightly and permanently.

Now Available!

¥1,480 ($12.99 USD) / 05 Pieces
Seal WrapTag

Seal Tag

Seal Tag is basically an NFC sticker that has the same characteristic to the Lock-up Tag. It comes with a special type of adhesive that holds strongly once activated.

Now Available!

¥980 ($8.6 USD) / 05 Pieces
Cloud WrapTag

Cloud Tag

Cloud Tag is a form of customized NFC WrapTag. It allows users to create their own NFC Tags and register to the WrapTag system to operate in a few simple steps.

Release: April 2022

How It Works

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How WrapTag Works

Use Cases

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How To Start?

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Getting Started

Learn how to sign in WrapTag App, browse wrapped collections, and obtain NFC WrapTag.

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Apply WrapTag

Apply WrapTag to wrap item to high value NFT Certificate that lasts forever on Blockchain.

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NFT Certificate

Manage your WrapTag NFT Certificate, transfer ownership, remove any NFT Certificate from your account.

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Account Management

Manage your Account Settings, Language, Blockchain Address, purchase WrapTag point, and more.

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