Level 4: Account Management

How to use WrapTag?

Update Profile

Update username and avatar
  • Tap the Profile icon
  • Tap ‘Edit’
  • Type in your Username
  • Choose an image for your avatar
  • Tap ‘Update’

Manage your Profile

Blockchain address, Profile mode, and Language

On your Profile

  • Blockchain: Tap the ‘Copy’ icon to copy your address
  • Language: Tap to choose your language
  • Publish tab: Turn your Profile to private/public mode
  • Sign out: Sign out from your current Profile

Get WrapTag Point

Use WrapTag point to transfer NFT Certificate
  • On the WrapTag Point section, tap ‘Buy’
  • Choose an amount, tap ‘Buy’
  • Tap ‘Check out’
  • Tap ‘Add card’
  • Fill in your card info, tap ‘Next’
  • A popup will confirm your card, tap Next
  • Tap ‘Confirm’
  • Your purchased WrapTag Point will appear.

What is WrapTag Point?

Essential For NFT Certificate Transferring